The Drive Thru is SUPPOSED to be Fast!

7 Separate Orders

Yes Seven.  I’ve literally taken thousands of orders and separate orders is a common occurance, which generally isn’t a problem. Of course usually when this happens there are 2 orders in a car. No problem, simple combos, two friends together, easy and quick! Today I had 7 in the same car. COME INSIDE.

One person in the car, ordering for… I don’t know, the majority of a downtown office? Most of a basketball team? A small neighborhood? Lots of restaurants have a limit on how many separate orders you can have in one car, but not mine! Furthermore, the orders are all special. I’ll have the first one with no pickles. The second one with extra ketchup, no mustard. The third one with no ketchup, extra mustard, etc., etc.

Ever wonder what takes so long in the drive thru? It might be because of people ahead of you with 7 separate orders! The Drive Thru is supposed to be fast. It is like the express lane at the grocery store, or should be.

Example of how a drive thru should work:

DriveThruGuy: “Hi, what can I get you?”

Customer:  “I’ll have a combo B with Fries and Cola, upsized please.”

DriveThruGuy: “Alright, That’ll be $5.99, First Window Please.”

Customer:”Thank You”

DriveThruGuy:”Thank YOU”

(Car advances to the first window)

BAM. 30 seconds and your order is punched in, 30 more seconds and you’re done paying, pull up to the second window, get your food (15 seconds), DONE! On your way! From start to finish in 75 seconds -and that even included a semi-pleasant conversation with me!

Consider that it takes 30 seconds to punch in each of the 7 orders and then 30 seconds to collect payment for each of the orders. This alone totals 7 minutes. Not bad at all if you consider the time spent on each order, but because the orders are all in one car and it takes so long, there are now 6 other cars waiting behind to order and they are livid because they’ve been waiting so long! Guess who they’re mad at… you guessed it –  DriveThruGuy. Even though it’s completely not my fault and totally out of my control!

The point of this story? Please don’t place 7 separate orders at the drive thru. Or even 5 for that matter! It’s meant for speed and convenience. Consider the people behind you, who are most likely planning to make APPROPRIATE use of the drive thru lane!

First Window Please,



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