Diet Gingerale??? Ummmm NO!

I’m tired! The drive thru closer called in “sick” tonight. Sick my @ss! I started at 6 am on the breakfast shift and agreed to stay over dinner. Friday’s tend to be busy, but this was busier than normal, busy enough that the closing supervisor asked me to stay later, even after dinner, since it seemed the rush (my third of the day) would never end. I just got home after a 14 hour shift, and I’m dead tired.

What do I remember the MOST from today?

The “lady” (troll-like-being?) who wanted DIET GINGERALE.

DriveThruGuy: “Hi, Can I take your order?”

Customer: “Yeah, Can I have the 4 piece Chicken combo and I’ll have Diet Gingerale.”  (All matter-of-factly as if she comes here all the time and that’s a drink that we have, and other people have heard about)

THIS IS A FAST FOOD JOINT. DIET GINGERALE? SERIOUSLY? Which company carries diet gingerale? I MIGHT be able to see fountain gingerale (MAYBE) in a nice, sit down restaurant – frequented by old people, (no offense if you love gingerale, I like it, but it’s not a popular option!) but DIET gingerale? Is that even a thing?

DriveThruGuy: “Sorry, we only have diet cola, is that alright?”

Customer: {upset} “Um, NO, JUST GIVE ME COLA.”

DriveThruGuy: “Alright, no problem, $9.75, First window please!”

“JUST GIVE ME COLA”? Are you F’n kidding me? You don’t have to have a diet drink for some reason or medical condition, you just LOVE the taste of DIET GINGERALE? What can possibly be the matter with you?

Maybe I’m overly upset about it because it was such a long day and I’m tired out and I know I’ve already mentioned this but, seriously, DIET GINGERALE?


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m a big diet soda drinker (as a perpetual dieter), and ginger ale is like crack to me.
    however, I know it’s not necessarily easy to come by.
    that being said, I HATE when people say things so confidently like we’re just waiting for you and have your order on stand-by!
    “yeah, I’ll have meatloaf with corn.”
    “uhhhmm… we don’t have corn.”


    • So true, and I get that ALL the time. Not diet gingerale, but I’ll have the cheeseburger with no pickles or mustard. The cheeseburger doesn’t come with pickles or mustard. Asking about it rather than telling me would be more appropriate. But hey, I guess if they did it the other way I’d just bitch that I didn’t have all day since this is a drive thru and not a tourist information booth. You ever get diet gingerale at a quick service restaurant?


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