Is there ketchup in the bag?

So after yesterday’s marathon of drive thru I only had to work my scheduled shift today. The employee who was “sick” last night came in tonight and was fine. Miraculously there were no lingering symptoms at all. Oh well, at least his health has returned and he is back at 100%. I’m so relieved.

Today was rather uneventful, however I do recall one thing that set me off. It’s a common question from many customers and normally I don’t think twice about it. Maybe I’m over-tired. Maybe it was just the right timing. Maybe I was trying to listen to one person  place an order, a supervisor telling me to hurry up and the genius picking up his order all at the same time. Too bad I can’t say whatever I want. It might prevent dumb questions like this for future generations. I’d really like to give these people my blog address, they’re the ones who need it! Unfortunately, I have bills to pay, so I guess I’ll have to keep handling it with a smile until I get home and can vent my thoughts to the world wide web.

On to the dumb question: It’s mid afternoon, I have one car in the drive thru.

Customer: Yeah, Can I get a Cheeseburger combo with lettuce and tomato, onion rings and a cola.

DriveThruGuy: You sure can, is that everything?

Customer: That’s it.

DriveThruGuy: 6:85, First window please.

So the guy pulls up to the first window, pays, and then pulls up to the second window. Before he gets to the second window to get his food I have another order. In the interest of speed I’m taking this order while I hand him his bag with a smile. He’s looks back at me with a dumb person look, which was fitting based on his question.

“Is there ketchup in the bag?” {Spoken as if there should be}

As previously mentioned, I’m in the middle of taking another order so I shake my head no and motion with my index finger to wait while I get some. Then I drop it into his bag with a smile and he drives off – Probably back to the ‘dumb question convention’, which must have been on lunch break. How do people with this level of intelligence get a drivers license, and make enough money to own a car?

Unfortunately, I have to smile and oblige in a situation like this, however my thoughts are my own, and what I think at a time like this is along these line:

Is there ketchup in the bag?

Hmmmmm, I don’t know. Did you ASK for ketchup? Why would we automatically assume you want ketchup? Do you know how much ketchup we would waste if we just gave it to everyone? We would bankrupt the world of tomatoes.

The last time you bought a pair of pants at the department store and were leaving the check out, did you look at the cashier and say “is there a belt in the bag?” NO!

We are not mind readers. Maybe in the future we could add stuff to the bag IN CASE people want it. “Is there ketchup in the bag?” Oh, Ketchup? No, but we did throw some loose raw onions in there and also squirted a bunch of  chocolate sauce all over everything, just based on the off chance that you may have wanted some and forgot to ask. Here’s some ketchup though, have a good day!

That feels better. The point? Don’t look at me like I’m doing a bad job because there is no ketchup in the bag. Ask for it, and preferably not in a dumb manner.


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  1. I LOVE the example you gave of the belt and pair of pants! ANd as a broke college student, I also sometimes wonder how people this dumb can afford to have a car, or secure a drivers license haha!


    • People never seem to relate a fast food order with a retail purchase, and they’re not really that far apart! Be cautious while you walk, one of these idiots could be around any corner!


  2. I do have to say that every time I ask for ketchup I request just one packet. I don’t like to waste it but I ALWAYS get this massive handfull of packets. Maybe the problem is I need to request the ketchup with my order. I will try that next time.


    • I think people who put handfulls of ketchup in a bag are ridiculous. Even when the customer asks for a handful. It’s for a small fry, not to stock up at home. 🙂


  3. I worked at Taco Bell for 5 years and so far I love your stories. They remind me of the good old days, I had so much fun working in the stores, and dealing with idiot customers 🙂


  4. Oh my God, I just die laughing!!! The belt analogy is brilliant!!!!! I totally agree with you that peple can be retarded. But I have to share my drive-thru story with you. It’s aobut 3:00am and me and some friends are craing an unnamed fast food run. I drag ass out into the night, get the food, come home and my hamburger is missing and so are the cookies. The line was long and I didn’t want to hold it up, so I didn’t double check the bag.

    So I get back in my car, wait in line again, and very politely explain they forgot my burger and cookies. It’s late, and we all make mistakes–no big deal, right? They apologize, bring me a bag of stuff and assure me that all is well. I get home and the cookies are the wrong kind and there is NO BURGER on the bun. It’s ketchup, mustard, one pickle and some onion. I won’t go into detail about my 3rd trip beause it was less than pleasant.

    I think that because of situations like that, people tend to be a bit more caustic/stupid when they go to a drive-thru. I, however, am always as polite as possible because I can’t imagine having the fortitude to deal with the general population as you do. My hat is off to you for having the magical ability to NOT jump out the window and start swinging a bat at their windshields. You have far more strenghth than I! 🙂


  5. I’m so sorry about your expeience! Employees/restaurants like that are the ones that make the rest of us look bad! That’s the reason people hold up the line to check their bag.

    In all seriousness, I don’t find the general population all that bad. I know after reading some of my stories it may seem quite the opposite but that’s only based on a few dumb apples.

    Of course, it could also be that I’ve just never thought of the bat idea, which by the way is very appealing to me. Thanks for the suggestion! Kidding 😉


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