Have you EVER been to the drive thru before?

I had a relatively slow day at work today.  When I got home tonight my wife said “Were you busy at work today?” I responded “Not really, but people are still idiots.” Here’s a gem of a tale about a lady who (eventually) passed my window today. During and afterward, all I could wonder is “Have you ever been to the drive thru before?” Here’s how it went down:

I had a car at the window at the time so I started with “I’ll be with you in a moment.”

“Just a minute please.”

I finish what I’m doing and about 30 seconds has passed. “I’m ready when you are.”

“No, no, I’m not ready, please wait a minute.” came the snarky reply.

Not what I asked! Pay attention please! “No problem, let me know.”

Another 45 seconds pass. (THE DRIVE THRU IS SUPPOSED TO BE FAST!) Finally, “Alright, I’ll get a green salad.” What exactly is a green salad? Do you want only lettuce in a bowl? I explain what we have to offer for salad and and the lady accepts, “Ok, I’ll have that.”

I ring it in. “Is there anything else?”

“Hold on a minute.”


“Can I get a small french fry as well.”

“Not a problem, is that all for today?”

“Hold on just a minute.” Are you F’N kidding me lady? Wait for what? It’s a simple question DO YOU WANT SOMETHING ELSE?

Nothing happens. No comment. No movement. 20 more seconds pass. Wondering if this lady has ever been to the drive thru before, I ask “Was there something else?”

“I’m still waiting for my order” came the reply.

We don’t transport the food out the speaker. This is a DRIVE THRU. You need to DRIVE AROUND. “$9.25, Please advance to the first window.” You know, like with the long slender pedal in your car?  The lady pulls around the building and I can see her now. This may not be entirely her fault. Clearly drive thrus were not yet in existance when she got her drivers license. Also, {WARNING-more sarcasm ahead} I can see why she’s slumming at the fast food joint today, her car is easily worth over a hundred thousand dollars.

The lady pays for her food and then pulls up. My manager is the person giving her the order. She says to him “Can I get a glass of water?” Yeah, you sure can, IF YOU LET US KNOW AT THE FUCKING SPEAKER BOX WHERE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO PLACE YOUR ORDER. He tells me he needs a glass of water. While I’m working on this and making the masses wait behind her dumb ass she mentions to my boss that “The guy taking the order was talking WAY to fast. I could hardly understand him.” I believe we already covered this but THE DRIVE THRU IS SUPPOSED TO BE FAST. I give the glass to my boss (he’s a cool guy, by the way) and he hands it out after apologizing to her and saying he’ll mention it to me – which I get, he has to make the customer happy. She’s pulling away and he closes the window. He knows I’ve only been doing my job the way I’m supposed to and he says “That’s no problem, we get idiots like you all the time” Of course she can’t hear it, but it’s satisfaction as far as I’m concerned. I burst out laughing at his non-boss like comment and we continue serving customers.

Seriously, have you ever been to the drive thru before lady?


6 responses to this post.

  1. Funny story for us, frustrating for you!


  2. That was a riot!!! You poor thing. My sister works at a law office and people always ask her, “How much does the free consultation cost?” It makes her want to blow the world up. 🙂 Better luck tomorrow. Thursday should be “No Idiots” day.


    • Happy you got a laugh out if it! I would not be surprised if those same people from your sister’s law firm passed my window and asked if there was ketchup in the bag! I wish EVERY DAY was “No Idiots” day, but hey, like the great philosopher Jagger once said “you can’t always get what you want”! Thanks for reading, commenting, and following! 😉 Take care!


  3. HAHAHAHA this is hiarious! I am feeling so much better of our awkward drive thru experience. Didn’t know worse people exist out there!


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