This is a post that I wish didn’t have to be published, but it’s necessary. Things like this happen, and it’s NOT alright! I read this appalling story (not the writing 🙂 , but what it’s about!) Check out the link below and see for yourself. Should the coffee shop manager be notified? What are your feelings, Please comment! As much as I hate to say it about a fellow service worker, they should be fired! Us decent employees don’t want to be associated with these people!




4 responses to this post.

  1. I would so stop the car and have a fit over that. I might even walk back up to the drive thru and demand my money!


    • SO WOULD I! But not the drive thru window. I wouldn’t take my quarrel up with the employee, I’d go in and ask for the manager. That’s a DISGRACE to those of us who are honest and trying to make a decent living in the service industry.


  2. But then again I would look like the lady who I saw one day drive back around and pull up beside another car and start screaming that she didn’t get her fries. Oh my gosh where do these people come from?


    • You wouldn’t look like her! Although I hate employees who steal, I can’t stand loudmouth customers (as you may have guessed!) Yeah we try our best but sometimes we make mistakes and it’s NOT then end of the World! Although you didn’t get your fries or they weren’t hot, we aren’t driveing an ambulance here… we’re just putting food into bags! Who knows where they come from? I wish they’d go back though!


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