Can I get a diet cola?

This afternoon was kind of slow on my side, but quite busy at the front counter. I didn’t have a lot to do so I gave them a hand by going out and changing two of the full garbages. As I’m returning to the back with them there is a lady standing in the entranceway I need to pass though. Here I am standing behind her holding two full garbage bags, one of them leaking pop, “Excuse me.”

She looks over her shoulder at me, turns her head back and sidesteps literally six inches. It looked more like she just shifted her weight. What the hell lady? You can’t wait for your order three feet to the left? Several thoughts cross my mind… Ma’am, are you blind or stupid? I need to go through there with these full bags which are dripping garbage juice. I am going through there. Do you want garbage juice all over you?

When the guy holding the two leaky garbage bags says excuse me, it actually means GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY. I continue standing behind her until she looks back again and then steps out of my way. About time.

I toss the garbage bags into the bin and wash my hands. BEEP. My headset goes off. “Hi, how can I help you?”

“Can I get a diet cola?”

“Sure can, what size drink did you want?” I ask.

“What?” What? WHAT? Are you fucking kidding me? What do you think I asked you at this point? Would you like an oil change and tire rotation with a cup of coffee and a newspaper while you wait for us to prepare this marvel of dining out you are about to enjoy? YOU ORDERED A DIET COLA. HOW MANY QUESTIONS COULD I POSSIBLY BE ASKING YOU? Pay attention please.

I tried dumbing it down a bit for her through the power of suggestion, “Did you want a medium diet cola?”

“Yes, that’s fine” Yay, she got it that time!

“Will there be anything else for today?”

“That’s it!” That’s it? Interesting, your whole order is a soft drink. Hardly seems worth it.

“$2. 71, first window please.”

So she pulls up, pays, I give her the drink and she drives off. At a time like this, I can’t help but wonder who the fuck does this? It’s watered down fountain pop. It would be much better to buy a 2 litre bottle of pop at the store. WTF? My company is literally raping wallets with these outrageous soft drink prices. Yet people still place orders like this.

I don’t mind! I’m always harping on the fact that the drive thru is supposed to be fast and efficient. Orders like this are obviously just that, so it’s not a complaint I have by any means, but I am left wondering, why?


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  1. I am sensing a lot of angst. Your burger joint needs a punching bag in the break room. Or a Jibber-Jabber at the front counter.


  2. McDonald’s in California has started an ad campaign that all drinks, any size are just $1. At first I got excited but then I realized they just wanted to use this to get me in the door to buy more things. Then I did the math and realized that their “value” meals are not really a value anymore. I mean the drink only costs a dollar and it isn’t even the largest one.
    Just to fight back against “the man” I have started going through the drive thru and ordering an extra large drink and nothing else.
    Turns out they don’t have extra large. I guess the joke is on me.


  3. I try to be as nice as I can to the voice behind the box at every drive through, but sometimes they don’t appear to be listening. And, please, for the love of God, don’t hand me my drink and make me wait for a straw to come out with the food.

    Great post!


    • I like to hand the drink out pinning the straw to the side of the cup so the custoemr gets it right away. If I ever have to pull a car ahead to wait, I always give them their drink and straw. On a side note, they give you the drink before the bag so you’ll be more likely to drive away rather than dig through the bag and check the order. If they give you the bag first, you have time to open it and poke around a bit.


      • I’ll be darned! I never thought of that! The drivethru that I use most often has a system where they put the stray in the bag so, when they hand you a drink, you don’t get a straw! Your method is far superior!

  4. omg – don’t make fun of the soda only purchases please! I know it’s totally not worth it but for some reason I like the watered down fountain version of diet coke more than any other!! but, the most it costs around me is $1.70 (still not worth it but cheaper than your quote). 🙂


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