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A Tale of Two Customers

Today I was rude to someone. I know this is not the ideal thing for me to do, but I couldn’t contain myself. I felt kind of bad about it after, because it wasn’t really entirely the ladies fault, but let’s just say that she was the beep in the headset that broke the Drive Thru Guy’s back. I cannot say straw and camel because if the two fat bitches in the upcoming tale were on a camel, they’d surely break its legs. Let’s get on with this ranting good time!

The first lady pulled up and I answered “Hi, can I take your order?”

“Yes, I’ll get the two pieces of chicken and a root beer and a dish of the soup of the day and a root beer” Hmmmm, some of those words seem like they FORM A COMBO LADY. Also, why are you asking for pop twice? Do you want two drinks?

“Ok, so the 2 piece combo with soup and a root beer?” I repeat.

“Well do you have a soup combo?” she asks. You can get the soup instead of fries for no additional charge. I assume this is what she wants to know. Never assume.

“Yes, you can get the soup in a combo” I respond.

“Ok, I’ll have that then.”

“Alright so did you still want the extra root beer?”

“Well no, I don’t want an extra one if it comes in the combo,” she snaps back.

“Alright, $7.88, first window please.”

She pulls up to pay and then arrives at my window. I hand her the pop and a bag with her chicken and soup. She hands the pop to the passenger and then tells me she’s missing a root beer. JESUS LADY WE JUST WENT OVER THIS. I’m not rude, but I do wonder if she is off her fucking meds. “I thought you didn’t want the second root beer ma’am?”

She glares at me, smirks a bit, and doesn’t say a word, but instead looks through her bag. “What did you charge me for?”

“I charged you for a two piece chicken combo with soup instead of fries and a root beer” I respond.

She grins a bit, shakes her head back and forth and looks over to her passenger to whom she says ‘Unbelievable, well here’s YOUR root beer I guess.’ She looks back at me and says “No, I wanted the two piece combo with fries and a root beer and the soup combo with root beer. Is that not what I just paid 8 dollars for?” Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME LADY? If you think two combos anywhere comes to $8 then either you’ve never been out before or something is seriously wrong with you.

“Oh, I’m sorry” I exclaim, “I thought you wanted the soup instead of the fries. We don’t have just the soup and a drink as a combo. So you need a fry and another root beer?”

Then, in the most condescending voice I have EVER heard (and I have heard some doozies) she hands the bag back into the window and says “Why don’t YOU just TAKE THIS BAG back inside and GET ME WHAT I ORDERED.” She’s not yelling or anything, but she obviously thinks I am the dumbest person on the planet and she is the best communicator of her generation.

“I don’t need the bag back ma’am” I respond, “I’ll put the fries in another bag and get you another pop.” I close the window and head over to the fry area where I ask the fry person for their oldest fries. I put them in a bag with a straw and then go back to hand them out with the root beer (at no extra charge as we chalk this sort of thing up to employee error). “Sorry for the mix up ma’am” I say as I hand out the bag.

“Well, first you tell me you have a soup combo, and then you tell me you don’t. Whatever.” She says as she drives off. Whatever is right lady, if I owned this place, I’d tell you stick your $8 up your fat ass and never come back here. A soup combo? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? Fuck I hope you get beaten on the street in a random attack later this afternoon.

Two cars later, and I get Fat Bitch # 2. The beep in the headset that broke the Drive Thru Guy’s back.

To be continued…